I have chosen this seemingly illogical title for my blog because it reflects two of my most deeply held beliefs:

  • Among the myriad of varying theological perspectives that make up orthodox Christianity, Jesus’ call to radical non-violence is made unmistakably clear in the message of the cross.
  • Pirates, though a bit misguided, are pretty cool.

My previous attempts at blogging, currently documented at http://galleryd.co, have been marked by a lack of focus. I have blogged sporadically about family events, about school, about current news, about my photography projects, about videos I like or videos I’ve made, about devotional thoughts and many other things. I hope this new blog will have more consistency — one new post each week is the goal. It will primarily deal with faith issues, including day-to-day ministry reflections, insights from scripture or news seen through a theological perspective, although the rag-tag images of piracy makes space for a hodge-podge of ideas. With this blog taking on my theological reflections, and other random tidbits, my blog at http://galleryd.co will be free to develop into an even more focused photography-only website.

The pirate metaphor has another meaning, as well. Pirates were often social outcasts, picking up styles and cultural influences from a variety of sources, but never having a permanent home, geographically or socially. As I have been exposed to a broader spectrum of faith traditions through theological education, I have often found elements, practices and ideas that I appreciate from many sources, while I continue to find it hard, or impossible, to whole-heartedly subscribe to any particular denominational statement or established expression of Christianity; fortunately, I’m a Baptist, which gives me space to play a wildcard every now and then. Thus, I think the wandering pirate metaphor serves me well as I continue looking for my theological home, and exploring the deep waters of faith.


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